3D laser scanning of the land has changed the whole process of design and preparation for the execution of works.

Unlike traditional methods for which performance takes a lot of time, this modern form of recording not only faster but also provides better opportunities, especially on inaccessible or inaccessible terrain, as well as areas with a lot of detail.

3D laser land scanning represents the future of geodesy

3d lase scanning

3D laser land scanning is based on technology that digitally captures the dimensions and spatial relationship of objects using the laser beam line.

The scanner emits a light signal (laser) from its transmitter and measures its reflection from the object. In this way, it collects a large number of data in the form of "cloud clouds". In the cloud, each point has exactly defined 3D coordinates, allowing precise replication of scanned objects.

Depending on the type of scanner, objects can be scanned from several hundred meters, and data can be collected to an accuracy of less than 5mm at speeds of several thousand to several hundred thousand points per second.

The total speed depends on the desired density of the "cloud point". When the 3D laser land scan is completed, processing, modeling, visualization and presentation of scanned objects are done in a very short period of time.

Precisely because of these characteristics, 3D laser scanning of the land meets the increasing demands of measuring space and visualizing objects.

3D laser scanning of the land became necessary in the era of modern construction

3d lase scanning

3D laser scanning of the land has long since left the scope of interesting technical innovation and has received the epitome of compulsory technology in measurement, engineering, construction, and management of objects during construction.

3D high-definition laser scanning can be used for any project - bridge testing and road design, building design, deformation monitoring, renovation of existing buildings. Therefore, engineers are often engaged by professional geodetic firms who will perform soil scanning before the start of the project.

The leading company in Serbia in this area is GEOURB Group. Using the latest technologies and highly skilled experts, GEOURB Group provides a 3D laser scanning service.

In order for the project to be successful, it is necessary to perform 3D laser scanning of the land before construction

In order to meet all the planned items from the project before the start of the drafting and any construction, 3D laser scanning of the land is carried out.

Increased speed and accuracy of laser scanning means that the team of researchers spend less time in the field for data collection. This reduces the total cost of the project while increasing productivity.

3D laser land scanning provides better information management during the project

3d laser scanning

The data obtained by the laser scanning of the land are in high resolution, the more detailed the visibility and understanding of the terrain for better construction, and the spatial reconstruction is more precise, which guarantees the accuracy and quality of the project. This also reduces project risks and additional unforeseen costs during construction due to design errors.

It is believed that 3D laser land scanning has a major impact on the project not only before but also during construction. As the project progresses, it is used for management and control, for quality control and cost-effectiveness, for recording the status quo and for various changes, for analyzing the impact of these changes, as well as for finding faulty areas in pre-existing conditions and in newly-built constructions.

Geourb Group is always there, so that your project with great precision would be realized as soon as possible.